American Roller Company and the Plasma Coating Division have been servicing the paper industry for many years. We offer coverings and coatings for drums, rolls, and a variety of other applications. This list includes dryers, winders, felt, wire, couch, reel spools, breast, guide, and other pulp and paper application needs. We have been providing cost effective solutions to problems involving unwanted build-up, slippage, wear, and corrosion by providing surface enhancing coatings.

Roller Positions

Back Up Roller
Breast Roller
Couch Roller
Crimp Roller
Drive Roller
Fly Roller

Forming Roller
Guide Roller
Idler Roller
Metering Roller
Pinch Roller
Plate Roller

Pressure Roller
Pull Roller
Spinner Roller
Stretch Roller
Wet Felt Roller
Wire/ Table Roller